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Antenatal Anxiety: Dealing with Anxiety While Pregnant

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy marks a major milestone in a woman’s life. This joyful and miraculous moment may be accompanied by fear, worry, and something known as antenatal anxiety. This is a form of anxiety during pregnancy that causes a woman to focus on ‘everything that could go wrong.’ If you’ve felt this way or you are generally nervous abut pregnancy, the tips below will help you ease your anxiety symptoms.

You Are Going to Be a Great Mom – Yes YOU

This is one of the biggest fears that goes through a woman’s head while pregnant. Am I going to be a good mom? Will I be able to provide for my child? Will I be a lazy mom, an excuses mom, a mean mom, a messy mom…? We are here to tell you right now, you’re going to do great.

All those worries in the back of your mind are because you care. You truly want what is best for your child, and that alone makes you a good mom. Your child will love you more than anyone else in the world, and you will feel the same in return. So rest easy mama, you’re doing just fine.

Talk to Other Moms

You will quickly see that you are not alone. Those fears you have racing through your head are incredibly common, and every woman gets through them in her own way. Having a support system to lean on will give you a place to vent when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Talk to your friends, your mother, your female relatives, and anyone else you can call upon for support. Even if you think you sound crazy, there is going to be someone who completely understands you.

Find a Way to Reduce Stress

Some women find yoga or exercise to be stress relieving. Others take long baths or spend some time sitting outside in peace. Whatever brings you comfort, take advantage of it. Keeping your stress to a minimum is the best option for you and the baby, and it will help you get through this life transition.

Celebrate Your Milestones

Many women experience antenatal anxiety for fear of miscarriage or pre-term birth. While these are rational fears to have, try not to focus on them too heavily. Instead, celebrate your milestones. You made it through another week without complications – great! Read about the amazing developments your baby is going through (Pregnancy Week by Week), and feel proud of yourself for creating a comforting environment for that process. You are doing wonderful things right now just by getting through each day.

Talk to a Therapist

Now may be a great time to start seeing a therapist. If you already have a therapist you trust, talk to him or her about your prenatal anxiety. Go over the concerns you have, and express all of your feelings in a judgement-free environment. Your therapist will find creative coping strategies to help you overcome these concerns.

To schedule an appointment with a therapist near you, contact Sherman Counseling at 920-733-2065. We have counselors in Appleton WI, Green Bay WI and Oshkosh WI who would be happy to assist you.


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