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Stress Management: 10 Seconds of Perseverance

Stress Management

In the words of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “A person can withstand just about anything for 10 seconds.” This statement can apply to any area of your life, from the last two squats in your workout to your boss’s long-winded speech at the company meeting. Today, we’re going to use the 10 second rule to reduce stress and push through a difficult obstacle.

Ready to get motivated? Let’s begin!

10 Seconds Is Longer Than You Think

You might be amazed by everything you can do in 10 seconds. That’s enough time for a thorough inhale and exhale, which instantly calms your body and revitalizes your mind. If you can push through just 10 seconds, you’re going to feel accomplished and empowered. That makes the next 10 seconds that much easier.

Before you rule this out, watch a clock hand count to 10. Really focus on the amount of time it takes to progress through each second. It’s astounding how much time 10 seconds is when you’re paying attention to it.

When You’re Feeling Stressed, Push through 10 Seconds

You’re in the heat of the moment. You feel overwhelmed and ready to give up everything. What do you do? Think to yourself, “Just 10 more seconds.” Take a deep breath, and make it through those next 10 seconds. If you still have more to do, repeat the process. Keep pushing yourself in micro-intervals until you reach your goals.

Applying This Principle on a Larger Scale

There is a bigger application to take away here. Any large task you have on your plate can be broken into small, manageable chunks. You may not see any way to get the whole thing done, but you know you can get through step one. For now, make that your one and only goal. Then move on to step two. Do this little by little, and you’ll soon be a few steps away from your end goal.

The One Minute Rule

In addition to 10 seconds of perseverance, incorporate the one minute rule into your life. If it takes less than a minute to do, finish it now, not later. You can make your bed in less than one minute. You can tidy up the living room in under a minute. You can delete unwanted emails in less than a minute. Don’t make an excuse for it. Just do it. This will greatly reduce your stress levels.

If you would like more personalized advice on how to manage stress and anxiety, contact Sherman Counseling at 920-733-2065. We offer stress management counseling and other therapy services through several therapist offices in Wisconsin. Give us a call to get matched with a specialist near you.


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