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The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas Lights

During this busy time of year, we may forget the true meaning of the holidays. We focus on running from place to place without even thinking of the purpose of the event. We spend time and money at the stores or on-line without remembering what our family and friends truly want as a gift. By the time Christmas arrives we may be hoping it would just be over and life would get back to “normal.”

I would challenge each of us to make a conscious effort to focus on the simpler aspects of this Christmas: giving than receiving, spending time with others, going for walks in the silent of the snow, watching kids open gifts, listening to Christmas music, enjoying the house being decorated, looking at the Christmas lights, remembering old and starting new traditions and thinking of the Special Someone who gave us the most precious gift of all.

Each of us have the opportunity to make this Christmas a lasting memory.
Will you choose to remember the true meaning of Christmas this year?

Bless you,
Kevin Polky, CADC, LCSW

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