Sherman Counseling

A Diamond in the Rough


“The times demand big men. Not men who are big shots, but men who are big in heart and mind.
Great men! Large-souled men!”
– Richard Halverson

One of my children’s favorite movies growing up was Aladdin by Walt Disney. I have always been drawn to the theme in the movie, Aladdin being “a diamond in the rough”.

I know for myself there has been many times when an outside appearance has been deceiving of what treasure lies within. I believe many times we sell ourselves short due to our own fears. We may fear the judgment or rejection of others. Or, maybe fear that it may not work out and we fail. We may choose to see only the clouds and ignore the sun attempting to break through. Due to the fear, we choose to settle and not challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone and reach for the prize that is intended for us. The question we need to ask ourselves:

Who would we be if we were not afraid?

– kevin polky, CADC, LCSW

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