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Anxiety CounselingHave you been thinking about seeing a therapist but just don’t know where to start? Do you feel like your anxiety is getting worse with time? Have you tried ‘facing your fears’ with little success? You don’t have to face any of this alone. Sherman Counseling offers proven anxiety treatment near you. Our clients have seen tremendous success in therapy because we personalize our strategies to suit each person. In other words, you will get advice that is designed specifically for your life and your anxiety symptoms.

  • Licensed Anxiety Therapists near You
  • You’ll Be Matched with the Best Counselor for Your Needs
  • Experts in Childhood Anxiety, Teen Anxiety and Adult Anxiety
  • Couples Counseling and Family Counseling Available
  • Confidential Therapy in a Comfortable Therapist Office

If you would like to learn more about anxiety treatment near you, contact our office at 920-733-2065.

Treat Anxiety At The Root

The best way to take control of anxiety is to figure out what’s causing it. Your symptoms may seem to come from nowhere, but chances are there is an underlying issue at work. It may be a suppressed memory from the past or a fear you haven’t identified. Your therapist can help you uncover those issues and find solutions to address them.

  • Figure out What’s Really Causing Your Anxiety
  • Get Closure for Traumas and Past Experiences
  • Find Coping Strategies Suited to Your Life and Personality
  • Learn How to Respond to Anxiety Triggers
  • Pinpoint Your Anxiety Symptoms and Find Solutions for Them
  • Learn Techniques to Stop Panic Attacks and Keep Them from Returning
  • Share Your Struggles in Complete Confidence
  • Rest Assured That You Set the Pace for Anxiety Therapy
  • Get Reliable Support through Your Life Obstacles and Milestones

Our therapist offices offer individual counseling and family counseling. If you would like a combination of counseling services, we can arrange that as well. Simply contact us at 920-733-2065 to learn more about anxiety treatment near you.

Hassle-Free Appointments With No Pre-Authorization Required

At Sherman Counseling, we make it easy to schedule a therapist appointment. Our hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We are happy to accept insurance, including plans from BlueCross BlueShield, WEA Trust, WPS Health Insurance, Aetna, Arise Health Plan, Network Health, Humana, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, and other insurance companies. Contact us to find out what your coverage options are.

To Learn About Anxiety Treatment Near You, Contact Sherman Counseling At 920-733-2065

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