Chronic Pain


Chronic Pain

Positive mental health is a major factor in the treatment of chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as any pain that lasts longer than six months. Although most pain has it’s origin in physical conditions, such as injury or diabetes, stress plays a significant role in contributing to pain and adding to the discomfort.

Pain can also be the result of emotional issues. Unresolved issues such as grief and anxiety can lead to physical symptoms. Stress can take a toll on your body leading to pain. We encourage our clients to explore the possibility that pain stems from an emotional cause.. By doing so some can release pent-up emotions. This release can provide for long and short-term pain relief

Pain also has psychological consequences such as depression and anxiety. Living with pain is a stress that can lead to depression. Counseling can assist you to deal with the psychological consequences of your pain.

Chronic Pain

Pain causes stress and stress causes more pain. We are here to he;p you break this cycle. Our goal is to help you reduce the stress and learn how to manage the pain psychologically. We offer several psychological interventions that can be useful for chronic pain sufferers and afford physical and emotional benefits. We also assist our patients in learning biofeedback and other stress management strategies to manage and relieve their pain.

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