Communication Skills


Communication Skills

Communication skills are the basic building blocks of healthy relationships. This is true for family relationships, couples relationships, and business relationships. The most common mistake regarding communication in relationships is to avoid talking about important issues in order to preserve positive feelings. Avoidance will provide short-term harmony. However, avoiding those important discussions will only create more difficult issues between people in the long term.

The absence of sharing feelings about significant topics leads to a loss of trust between people and a superficial relationship that lacks an authentic connection. A lack of communication can also generate pressure within a relationship, which may lead to an eventual eruption of feelings. Maintaining an open flow of communication on a regular basis will help individuals to understand and adapt to each other’s needs.

We believe that like other skills, communication skills can be learned. Also, like other skills, communication skills need to be practiced and constantly fine tuned in order to stay effective. Talking about issues is a good thing as long as it it done correctly, with assertion and respect for each other. Our communication experts can help you pinpoint the behaviors you will need to learn to become a better communicator and listener.


We help our clients learn effective modes of communication, both in expressing their private feelings and listening to and receiving the thoughts of others.

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