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Depression Treatment In Green Bay, WI

Depression Treatment In Green Bay, WISherman Counseling is a trusted depression treatment provider in Green Bay, WI. Our therapists are highly recommended by local schools, churches, and physicians.

We treat a wide range of depression disorders, including major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, persistent depressive disorder, body dysmorphia, adjustment disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We do not require a lengthy pre-authorization process, so you can see a depression therapist right away.

Contact our Green Bay, WI counseling center at 920-544-5294 to schedule your first appointment.

Effective Depression Treatment At An Affordable Price

At Sherman Counseling, we match each client with the best therapist for their specific needs. The therapist then tailors their care to fit each person individually. Personalized depression treatment is highly effective because it caters to your concerns, fears, insecurities, lifestyle, experiences and more. Through depression therapy, you can…

  • Change the Way You Think – Focus on the Positive, Reverse the Negative
  • Improve Your Quality of Life and Rebuild Relationships with Your Friends and Family Members
  • Overcome Depression and Learn How to Cope with Life Struggles in the Future
  • Get Treatment for Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Relationship Issues, and Other Obstacles in Your Life
  • Work with a Trusted Depression Therapist Right Here in Green Bay, MI
  • Discuss Your Experiences in a Confidential Environment
  • Eliminate Insecurities and See Your True Self-Worth
  • Maintain a Strong Support System to Stand by You during Treatment

Your privacy is protected at all times, and your depression therapist will never judge you for your situation. Give us a call at 920-544-5294 if you’d like to learn more about depression treatment in Green Bay.

Overcome Trauma And Negative Emotions With Brainspotting In Green Bay, WI

Sherman Counseling is a leading provider of brainspotting therapy in Green Bay, WI. Also known as BSP, this process activates your body’s natural ability to overcome trauma and heal from negative experiences. It requires extensive specialized training because the therapist must learn how to identify “brainspots” – an eye movement that sparks a traumatic memory. Brainspotting may be used in depression treatment, as well as EMDR and other services available at our Green Bay office. Your counselor will determine which depression recovery method is right for you, and you will receive individualized care from the start.

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