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Emily Hoch

LCSW | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hi! My name is Emily Hoch. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor, and Level I Internal Family Systems trained therapist. I’m a therapist who believes in the transformative healing power and potential of the human spirit. My therapeutic style is ethical, holistic and heart centered. Adults from all backgrounds are welcome. I have specialized experience and passion working with complex relational trauma, anxiety, depression, worthlessness, shame and self-confidence. Together we’ll focus on understanding all aspects of who you are, uncover new solutions, and develop pathways for a meaningful and empowering life.

Models I work in
While I’m trained in traditional talk and cognitive behavioral therapies, I am also Level I trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) which invites a deeper level of healing and change.

What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)?
IFS is an evidenced-based non-pathologizing psychotherapy model that conceives every human being has a system of protective and wounded inner parts led by a core Self. It acknowledges that every person’s personality is comprised of different parts having unique functions or jobs in your internal system. In addition to our parts, we all have a compassionate Self at the seat of our consciousness. Together we can gently develop a direct relationship between your Self and the parts of you that are well intentioned but working in extreme ways, leading to anxiety, depression, self-criticism, impulsive/compulsive behaviors, relationship problems, or feeling stuck.

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