Cami Molenaar

Cami Molenaar

MC | Licensed Professional Counselor

Cami earned her Master’s in Community Counseling from the University of Phoenix in Tempe, Arizona. She specializes in working with young children and their families and has extensive post-graduate training on topics specific to the infant, toddler, and early childhood mental health. Cami also enjoys working with older children struggling with anxiety, depression, selective mutism, ADHD (both assessment and treatment), anger and emotional reactivity, adjustment issues (i.e. divorce, moves, blended families), and trauma. She has a special interest in the areas of gifted and talented, sensory disorders, and attachment as well.

Cami employs a diverse set of therapeutic skills that include child-caregiver psychotherapy, individual solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and expressive therapies (play, sand, and art). In addition, she can also provide Trauma Focus-Cognitive Behavior Therapy for children 3 to 18. Cami is very family-focused and stresses parental involvement in supporting the social-emotional growth of children.

Cami believes in the value of early intervention and education and works closely with multiple community partners to advocate for the needs of children in the Fox Cities.

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