Mike Wendt

Mike Wendt

Licensed Professional Counselor

Mike Wendt is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in the use of Somatic Experiencing techniques for the treatment of emotional and physical trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and mood disorders. Somatic experiencing allows individuals to work through and process emotional events at a physical level, to treat symptoms at their root cause, and to provide healing that is beyond simply coping.

In addition, Mike uses EEG Biofeedback, commonly known as Neurofeedback, as a focal point of his practice and is certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Association (BCIA). Neurofeedback assists with training the brain to move to a pattern of regulation, using operant conditioning. Mike also incorporates meditation, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques as foundations of treatment.

Mike enjoys working with individuals ages 9 and above to assist them in overcoming issues involving focus, concentration and impulse control, mood regulation, sleep, depression and anxiety. Clients are provided with a custom treatment plan using a combination of researched-supported techniques to achieve client goals for both physiological and emotional well-being.

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