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Improve Your Marriage with Just 15 Minutes a Day

improve your marriage

What if we told you that just 15 minutes a day could drastically improve your marriage? This isn’t an infomercial gimmick or a supposed ‘miracle cure.’ It’s a simple, effective way to bond with your spouse. Read on to learn this proven communication tool.

Spend 15 Minutes Talking about Your Days

For 15 minutes every day, have a conversation with your spouse. Talk about what you went through in the day or what you are planning to do in days to come. Yes, this conversation will be filled with a lot of ‘boring stuff.’ There may even be times where you feel like you’re not saying anything at all. Give it a try though, and you may be surprised by the outcome.

What This Can Do for Your Marriage

How can a boring 15-minute conversation improve your marriage? For starters, it’s time that you have dedicated to spend with your spouse. It may be at the end of your work day or when you both settle down for bed. No matter the timing, this is a designated moment to connect as a couple.

As you get used to talking to your spouse, you will find that other conversations just come naturally. What started off as a forced way to fill silence will become second-nature. You’ll get to learn about your spouse’s day-to-day life – the things you don’t see when he or she is not around. This can help you feel connected, even when you are apart.

Moreover, everyone needs someone they can vent to. Maybe you’re upset about something at work, and your spouse is the only person you can confide in. Perhaps you’re excited about something most people wouldn’t understand. You can share that excitement with your spouse. All those thoughts that ping around in your head all day now have a place to go.

Make This a Routine!

Don’t make this a one-time occurrence. Make the conversation part of your daily schedule. It will seem tedious at first, but then it will become completely natural. Pretty soon, you won’t have to schedule a conversation at all. You will just start talking to each other, as if you’ve done so for years. This is when you start to see real changes.

When Is the Best Time to Have This Talk?

You can choose any time of day to have your 15-minute conversation. If you both work traditional 9-5 schedules, you can convene at the end of the workday. If your schedules are not as aligned, find a time that makes sense for you both. You may talk when one of you wakes up and the other is heading to bed. You may talk first thing in the morning, before the kids wake up. Look for a time that suits your lifestyle.

Continue the Conversation in Marriage Counseling

Your conversations shouldn’t stop at 15 minutes a day. This just gives you a baseline for daily connections with your spouse. Ultimately, you should have a relationship with consistent communication and well-balanced time together. In marriage counseling, you can learn communication tools specifically designed for your relationship dynamic. This will effectively prevent arguments and resolve disagreements, no matter what your marriage endures.

To schedule an appointment for confidential marriage counseling in your area, contact Sherman Counseling.

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