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How Does Therapy Help with Depression?

How Does Therapy Help with Depression?

You’ve felt depressed for a while, and now you’re ready to fix it. You’ve probably looked at dozens of treatment options, only to reach one conclusion: Therapy is the most effective way to treat depression.

But…why? How does depression therapy work? What can you expect from depression counseling? We’ll answer these questions and more in this helpful guide.

How Depression Therapy Works

The circumstances surrounding your depression are completely unique to you. You have your own set of memories, experiences, traumas, emotions, and more. All of those add up to your current state of mental health. That’s why there is no exact process with depression therapy. It is tailored to suit to each person’s individual needs.

With this in mind, there are some things you can expect from depression therapy. First, you will be matched with a license depression therapist who has specialized training that can help you most of all. For instance, if your depression is rooted in grief from the loss of a loved one, you might be paired with a grief counselor. If your depression comes from stress at work, you might be paired with a stress management expert.

Once you have a depression counselor to work with, you will discuss your struggles one-on-one. Your therapist will ask questions and provide insight to get to the root of your depression. The goal here is to figure out what’s causing your depression so you can pinpoint solutions to address those causes. This is why depression therapy is so effective, because it gets to the root of the matter.

How Long Does Depression Therapy Take?

This is not a simple question to answer because once again, every person is different. You may resolve one element of your depression in a matter of weeks, while another element take several months to address. You may also find that while you’re in therapy, you discover issues that you may not have been aware of. A discussion during one of your therapy appointments may remind you of an event from your past. This event might not have seemed traumatic at the time, but now you can see that it was.

These levels and layers of discovery will ultimately lead to a better quality of life. There is simply no way to determine how long that will take.

Does Therapy Cure Depression? 

Therapy gives you the tools to manage depression on a daily basis. You can find coping strategies that suit your lifestyle, and you can bring closure to difficult moments from the past. Is that a cure for depression? Not necessarily. There is no guarantee that your depression will not creep up in the future. However, you can rest assured that the tools you learn in therapy will better prepare you for personal obstacles in the future.

If you are interest in depression counseling near you, contact Sherman Counseling. We have many specialists on staff, including grief counselors, trauma therapists, couples therapists, depression counselors, family counselors, and much more. You will be matched with the best therapist to help you overcome depression. Give us a call to start your journey.

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