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Gratitude and Perspective

Over the past 6 plus years, I have been studying the concept of resilience and more specifically, curious about the research on how to develop resilience within others (especially students). I first started looking at Ryan Holiday’s work as he has been bringing the ancient teachings of Stoicism to modern times.

Later, I looked at the research by social scientists. In the research, there was some common themes. One was the foundation of having a perspective of gratitude. Intentionally focusing on what we possess or experienced to be grateful for.

Regardless of the circumstances, the obstacle or the setback, we can choose to find even the smallest thing to be grateful for and slowly allow it to build from there.

But this takes intention, discipline and willingness to be open to a different perspective.

I invite you to the following thoughts to contemplate:

“A question came to my mind:
When are the trees most beautiful?
When they are budding?
When they are fully green?
When they are full of color?
When they are bare?
There is beauty in all because they are all
exactly how they were designed to be.”

Choose to see the beauty in all things.

–kevin polky

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