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It appears winter has finally come to an end. The grass is greener, flowers are pushing through the soil, and the air is warmer. The cold, dark winter is quickly becoming a distant memory. At one moment, it seems the cold will never end and grass will never be green again. And now, it may take diligent effort to recall a winter memory at all. Similar with our life, at one moment we believe there is no hope and then there is a significant in the ordeal.

Or, we are in despair believing the grass is greener somewhere else and then we find a patch of green grass in our own yard. Many times, if we prematurely react to a problem without being patient and collecting all the information, we will miss out on the prize maturing just for us.

Will you react to your impatience and pull a flower believing it is a weed?

Or, will you choose to be patient and cultivate the flowers in your garden?

Kevin Polky, CADC, LCSW

    Finding Meaning in the Midst of Hopelessness

    Finding Meaning in the Midst of Hopelessness

    Suicide affects millions of individuals and their loved ones worldwide. While addressing the factors leading to suicide and providing support is critical, it's equally important to explore the concept of finding meaning in the midst of hopelessness. This concept holds...

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