Living with ADD or ADHD can be a challenge for both the children with the condition and the adults who live with them. Children with ADD and ADHD often require more attention than their peers. They may need special coping mechanisms or processes in order to help them get through the day. Children with ADD may be disorganized, struggle to stay on task long enough to complete a chore or a homework assignment, and have trouble following multi-step instructions. Those diagnosed with ADHD may feel the need to be in constant motion. If they aren’t stimulated enough on their own, they’ll seek out that stimulation. this can lead to a child who gets in a great deal of trouble without intending to.

Parents who are struggling with a child with ADD or ADHD can feel lost and alone. For the child, it’s often even worse. Learning coping techniques, on the other hand, can help everyone feel more comfortable managing this condition. Whether the child is taking medication or prefers to manage the condition on their own, there are techniques that can make it easier for everyone to get through the day without struggling.

We offer the latest nuero-feedback technology for treating ADD and ADHD.Routine, movement, and stimulation are also important components to this process. We can help you develop habits that will work for your family, integrating techniques to control ADD and ADHD behaviors without crushing the spirit of the child.


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