Chemical Dependency Treatment

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Chemical Dependency Treatment Services

A dependence to alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs can have devastating effects on the lives of the addict as well as the lives of those around the addict. Seeking chemical dependency treatment is the first step to recover and reclaim one’s life. We realize that substance abuse problems often seem insurmountable to clients, and our team works hard to dispel that notion and fuel the recovery process.

Chemical Dependency Treatment comes in several forms. We utilize a number of proven therapeutic techniques and forms of counseling to combat chemical dependency. By treating the root causes of chemical dependence, we help patients discover and embrace their journey towards recovery. Each team member counsels and supports clients with a positive attitude and understanding.

Sherman Counseling provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment evaluations followed by a carefully constructed treatment recommendation. This can include individual, family or group therapy sessions. Sherman Counseling is also able to develop specialized and unique treatment programming for clients who require a higher level of care.


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